Monday, May 3, 2010

0 Mailbag Monday: May 3, 2010

You guys certainly saw a lot on your round the world trip but looking back is there anything you wish you had done that you hadn't due to either time or budget constraints?
-Keri, Cheyenne, WY USA

There are definitely lots of things that fall into this category, whether it was not having the time to visit a Japanese onsen, the funds to overland safari in Africa, or the cojones to eat fried tarantulas in Cambodia. 
One of the things that sticks out the most in our minds is not getting to see more pyramids other than those at Giza. We debated hiring a driver to take us to see others but the August Egyptian sun had just drained us too much that morning. We sought refuge at the Egyptian Museum which we expected to be air conditioned per American standards. Unfortunately it rated a 1 on the scale of 1 to comfortable.
How did you guys take care of laundry on your trip? Was it tough to find laundromats?
-Don, Burlington, VT USA

We learned very quickly that self-service laundromats are not very popular outside the States. For the most part, we had our laundry done for us--which was a cheap thrill in some places and an unavoidable expense in others. In Brazil, there were no self-serve laundromats to be found and we had to dole out $20 USD or so for a load (which realllly cut into our daily budget average). In India and Southeast Asia, we got it done for $3-4 USD.
On a side note, we are still not sure how Russians get their laundry done because we could not find a single laundromat of any variety in either Moscow or St. Petersburg during our two weeks in the country. Thus when we arrived in our next destination of Sao Paulo, we had little choice but to pay the high price for thorough laundering.

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