Friday, April 30, 2010

1 Freelance Friday: Boston's Bacon and Beer Festival

Last Saturday was the 2010 Boston Bacon and Beer Festival. With a name like that, the event clearly sold out weeks ahead of time and when we arrived 15 minutes before starting time there was already a line. When we got to the door they handed us a spork and a plastic cup... which was all we needed for this massive exercise in gluttony.

Hundreds of people packed in to the SoWa Market's old brick power station to sample from dozens of local brewers featuring their ales and restaurants featuring their bacon-related dishes.

There were traditional options like pork belly sandwiches, surprisingly delicious concoctions like bacon cupcakes, and some shockingly intense bites like this goat-cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped fig:

It was a star-studded event. Seriously, recognize this Top Chef Season 1 contestant doling out bacon chips?

We can't wait for next year.

*Thanks to Heidi Mitchell and Evan Carlson for their photo skills (and good company!)

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  1. We will be visiting Boston in July. I am curious to see how it is.


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