Monday, April 5, 2010

0 Mailbag Monday: April 5, 2010

We have been several places in the world and are looking for our next adventure in December and January. We usually spend 5 weeks. Can you give me your top five. We have been quite a few places including most of Europe, Argentina, Santiago Chile and we did the Asia deal last year, about the same deal you did.
-RoxAnn, MN, USA

Our top five is always changing, depending on the food or landscape we are craving, but given where you've already been and taking into account a five week stay, here's what we came up with (in no particular order):
  • New Zealand - The natural beauty is just otherworldly--like nothing we've seen anywhere else. With five weeks you could do a road trip around both islands and really take in the different landscapes.
  • Turkey - The history, food, and culture kept us in Istanbul for an entire week, and we could have stayed longer. The country is so rich in historical sights and the pictures look absolutely gorgeous. We can't wait to go back.
  • South Africa - You've got safari on one end of the country and breathtaking landscapes on the other. In between there are beaches (it's summer there in December), winelands, sand dunes, and more. In five weeks you could really take a lot in.
  • Italy - You could limit your sightseeing to restaurants and come home happy. But aside from the food, the country is gorgeous and full of amazing historical sights. We'd love to work our way from the Alps to the toe of the boot.
  • Egypt - If the history of Italy or Turkey won't cut it, this is your place. Seeing the pyramids in person is pretty out of this world. We loved the bustle of Cairo and the laid back charm of Dahab. We think arranging a boat ride down the Nile would be an absolutely amazing trip.
We feel a bit sad that Latin America isn't represented on this list--you've already been to one of our all-time faves, Argentina. But if you are feeling like some Latin flavor, a Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama trip was super close to making this list. 

We are thinking of taking a Mega Bus from Boston to New York. Do you have any experience with this or other inexpensive buses between these cities?
-John B, Mercer Island, WA USA

For years, the only cheap option between Boston and New York was the Chinatown bus. Now there are a multitude of companies in addition to Fung Wah and Lucky Star; no matter what it's a relatively straightforward four-hour trip. Our personal favorite is Bolt Bus, which we've found the cleanest of the pack. All the buses are wifi enabled and sometimes it even works--it's amazing how fast the time flies when you can YouTube videos! They advertise $1 fares for the first ticket bought on each bus, but we've always gotten the more expensive $10-15 fares in our last minute planning. That's generally the same price you will pay with any of the Boston-New York bus companies. And though it has less panache than flying, there is no getting to the airport two hours early, no security, and many more colorful characters to entertain you along the way.

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