Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1 Travel Tip Tuesday: Sarong, Yet So Right

Wear it, fold it, spread it...the sarong is the essence of versatility. A few years back I bought one as a beach coverup in Hawaii and since then, I've used it in a million different ways.

First of all, I basically live in the thing when spending a few days at the beach. Just a sarong twisted around over a bathing suit is an acceptable (and convenient!) ensemble for the walk to and from the beach, lounging around the hotel, and in many destinations, even strolling through town or eating at a restaurant. But beyond the bikini coverup, I've used it as a skirt, dress, and tube top when short on variety or clean laundry.

Once at the beach, you can simply unwrap yourself from the sarong and spread it out like a beach towel. This is a great substitute for when your hotel hasn't provided separate beach towels, but also as a supplement when you want to keep your towels un-sandy for more comfortable post-swim
drying. But they're not just for the beach. We pulled out the sarong for many a European picnic--the typical print on the fabric wonderfully disguises food and wine stains, too!

I mentioned how hotels don't always provide additional beach towels, but some budget options don't provide any towels at all, or ones that look sanitary enough to use. In the same vein, we found ourselves rather skeptical of one or two provided sheet sets. Easy solution: substitute the sarong!

And think that you get all this from a single item that takes up about as much room as a T-shirt and weighs hardly anything. It washes durably, dries quickly, and looks pretty snazzy. Whether you spend a buck or two on a sarong on the beaches of Thailand or splurge $10 in Hawaii like I did, you won't be disappointed in you investment.

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  1. This title is so great. I try to make Ashley come up with all the tiles... that's the on part I don't like doing.

    Ashley read this post just before we went to Costa Rica and I think we repeated it every time we saw one for sale. :)


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