Monday, February 15, 2010

0 Mailbag Monday: February 15, 2010

I noticed you went to a River Plate match when you were in Buenos Aires. I love football and I am going to be in Buenos Aires next weekend when they play Arsenal. I would really like to go to the match. How should I get the tickets?
Felix T., Richmond, CA USA
River Plate has not had a stellar record for the last few years, so you can probably snag tickets the day of the match. Even so, we played it safe and went the day beforehand to the box office just south of the stadium and had our pick of seats. The seller advised us against the cheapest option, the standing room only, and we're glad he did because it looked like it got pretty rowdy up there (but if you're up for a real adventure...) Our seats behind the goal on the lower level cost us about $15USD each.

The one big exception would be if you're buying tickets for a match against their cross-town rivals, Boca Juniors. In that case you might want to arrange for tickets well ahead of time.

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Cinque Terre for this spring. She isn't really a big trekker and doesn't know if she would be able to do the walking between the towns. We are going to be staying in Monterosso and we want to go to all the other towns. How hard are the walking trails?
Philip, Hamilton, ON Canada

The trails diminish in difficulty from north to south. The trek between Monterosso and Vernazza is quite steep and challenging, but on the other end, it's a simple seaside walk between Manarola and Riomaggiore. If you are not big hikers we'd recommend taking the train to Vernazza early in the morning, enjoy the town a bit before it gets crowded with day visitors, and then start hiking south. That way you are doing the hardest trails before the sun gets too high (it can get very hot on those trails) and with fresh legs.

The great thing is that a train connects all the towns, so at the end of the day you can hop aboard to get back to your hotel instead of hiking back on the same trail. It's also nice that if you get tired and want to call it an early day, there is a fast and easy way to get home from wherever you are.

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