Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 Jack's Top Ten: Provence

10.  Chateau des Baux de Provence

The catapult was threw the ball in the air.

9.  Keyboard at our home in Arles

I liked pressing the buttons to make music.  I liked being able to do it with Chugster (Charlie).

8.  Leading the way home

I liked being the leader and I had some help from the streets I already noticed

7.  Palais des Papes in Avignon

I used to not know what a courtyard is but I loved this one.

6.  The Camargue Races at Arena d'Arles

My favorite is when the bull jumped over the fence.

5.  Mousse au Chocolat at Le Menestral

The chocolate was moussy.

4.  Dinner at Fad'oli

The woman there was nice and she loved Chuggy (Charlie).  And she spoke English.

3,  Carrières de Lumières

Standing on the walls and people thought I was in the show.

2.  Place de la Republique

It was tall and pretty with a nice view.

1.  Date night and gazpacho with Mommy at Cuisine de Comptoir

It wasn't so was so so cold.


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