Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1 Travel Tip Tuesday: Lessons From My Grandmother

Yesterday my grandmother Vivi passed away. You'd never have guessed from her quiet demeanor and 70-pound frame that she'd had a life filled with great adventure. As a young woman she escaped Nazi Germany by traveling overland to Japan on the Trans-Siberian Railway. That's where she met my grandfather and the story of their life together is full of pirates, tornadoes, and other wild experiences. I like to think I inherited some of her courage and spunk, and I hope to be half as amazing a role model for my grandchildren one day.

Vivi dancing at our wedding last July

She taught me many things during my life but my favorite lesson is her parting one. Her passing was not unexpected and my family had had time to say goodbye. Last week she was singing old songs with my mother, one whose lyrics were about getting old and having missed out on life and regretting it. Vivi said, "I certainly did not miss out on any opportunity, not one--and there is no sadness."

We love you, Vivi.

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  1. Your grandmother sounds like an incredible woman--so inspiring. I'm sorry to hear this, but really appreciated what you said about her.


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