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0 Mailbag Monday: April 19, 2010

I am going to be in Boston this summer for a weekend...what are the three must dos in your mind?
-Whit, Bellaire, TX USA

1. Walking the Freedom Trail is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with historical Boston. It's a two and a half mile walk to see sixteen nationally significant historic sites including the Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, the USS Constitution, and the Old State House (which, incidentally, is where we got married). A number of organizations offer guided tours at various costs, or you can do it on your own for free by following the red brick path through the streets of Boston. Stop in first at the Boston Common Tourist Info Center so they can equip you with plenty of brochures and information so you get the most out of your tour.

2. Home of the beloved Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is also the oldest of all current Major League stadiums. Even if you are not a sports fan, catching a Sox game is a completely worthwhile and quintessentially Boston experience. If the team's on the road you can go for a tour of the historic ballpark instead.

3. If you are looking to shop, look no further than Newbury Street. Hundreds of boutiques line this character-filled avenue at the heart of the classic Back Bay neighborhood. And sitting at one of the cafe or restaurant patios is the perfect place to people watch. A seat at Stephanie's is by far the most coveted--the trick is to arrive just before they open in the late morning. Otherwise you'll be waiting 2-3 hours on a nice day.

I have contacted Sodispar Apartments in Krakow regarding a room. They were very helpful, and my first impressions are on par with everything I have read about them online. That they are a reputable business with excellent customer service and facilities. My only concern is that they did not require a deposit. Instead, they requested a copy of our plane ticket receipt. Was your experience the same? I am sorry for sounding suspicious, but I don't think you can be too careful. Any assurance, or confirmation you can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks!
-Beth R., VA USA

For us they did require an actual deposit but only because it was the week of New Year's. It was a bit of a hassle to get them a deposit because we had to do an international wire transfer through our bank. It was worth it though because it was very nice. I would not hesitate to give them the plane receipt, just make sure you black out any personal info like credit card or passport numbers, etc.

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