Monday, February 1, 2010

0 Mailbag Monday: February 1, 2010

What was the most entertaining sporting event you went to? 
Evan C., London, UK

Patrick is a huge sports fan, so attending unique sporting events was an important part of our travels. We attended a rowdy soccer match in Buenos Aires and an intimate indoor version in Paranagua, Brazil. In Tokyo we went to a
baseball game with fans munching on edamame instead of peanuts and offbeat substitutions for familiar American traditions. In fact sports were such a priority in our planning that long before we bought our round the world tickets, when our honeymoon was still going to be a simple two week jaunt to Europe, we chose our Paris dates around the finish of the Tour de France. Watching Lance Armstrong and company zip by the 1 kilometer to go marker on Rue de Rivoli was probably the single coolest sports moment of the trip.

But our favorite sporting event overall has to be the Australian Rules Football semifinals at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. We'd never seen anything like it--the oval field, the bouncing football, the absurdly high number of players running around at once, and the random seagulls causing chaos and confusion. From start to finish we were riveted by the high-energy play against the roar of more than 100,000 fans cheering on their teams. It was insanity. And totally incredible. And something they just don't show on CBS at home.

Which country or region had your favorite food, the kind that made you think, I could eat this everyday?
Jen K., Concord, NH, USA

If you told us we could eat only one national cuisine every day for the rest of our lives, we would have zero issue with making it Italian. Argentina's beef was incredible, Japan's sushi was like popping little jewels of deliciousness in our mouths, and the tears brought to our eyes by the spice in Thailand's curries were also tears of joy. But for some inexplicable reason, every single thing we tasted in Italy was lip-smackingly amazing. Why do we still dream about the simple focaccia ligure we ate unadorned in Vernazza? How do they make pasta so al dente perfect every time? They might be putting something in the water, but whatever it is, we want it.

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