Thursday, January 14, 2010

0 Back in the US

Six continents, 25 countries, and more flights than we can count later, the honeymoon is finally over. We're back in Boston and wanted to lay out to both our first time and loyal readers the new direction the blog will be taking now that we have returned.

Since we often find that thinking and writing about our travels is easier to do removed from the actual traveling, and since we probably will be looking for any excuse to relive our trip, we are going to start posting three times a week under the following framework:

Mailbag Monday - During the trip we got a number of questions from you our readers about everything from eating raw fish to fresh fish eating us. Every week we will answer a few of our favorite questions . You can email questions for the debut edition to be published next Monday to

Travel Tip Tuesday - We like to think we learned something from our six months on the road, and though we were destined to make the same mistakes more than once, we'd like to pass on the info to give some of you a better shot.

Freelance Friday - This basically gives us license to write about whatever the heck we want.

We hope you'll find this interesting or even useful. Don't hesitate to contact us with things you want to hear about or just to say hi. And as always, thanks for reading.

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